Village Hidden in Iron leads the industry in lifting gear designed to help you achieve new heights in the gym. Combining exclusive designs, pro-level performance, and unmatched craftsmanship, you can confidently overcome any obstacle with Village Hidden in Iron equipment.


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BLACKOPS Pro Sleeves
Sale price$99.00
ETERNAL Lifting Straps (backorder: shipping April 30)ETERNAL Lifting Straps (backorder: shipping April 30)
ETERNAL Wrist Wraps (backorder: shipping April 30)ETERNAL Wrist Wraps (backorder: shipping April 30)
ETERNAL Lever Belt (backorder: shipping April 30)ETERNAL Lever Belt (backorder: shipping April 30)
ETERNAL Knee Sleeves (backorder: shipping April 30)ETERNAL Knee Sleeves (backorder: shipping April 30)
BLACKOPS Pro SingletBLACKOPS Pro Singlet
Sale price$99.00